Thursday, May 31, 2012

When Good Products Go Bad

As you know I am currently doing a no buy challenge (check out Naturally Nu's No Buy Challenge page on Facebook), which means I can not buy any new hair products until the Black Friday sales the day after Thanksgiving.  Last night I received confirmation that this is the best thing I could be doing right now. My daughter, Minnie, was going through my products trying to decide what to use on her hair to style it for today. She brought a jar of Darcy's Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme to me and said ,"Mommy I think this has gone bad."  I took a whiff of it and sure enough the smell had changed completely.  When I purchased this product over a year ago it smelled like vanilla cake, now it smells like bad Elmer's glue.  The sad part is the jar is almost completely full and I really liked it!!!! Ughhh Ok I do want to be clear this is NOT a fault with Darcy's Botanicals Products. The products made by this company are amazing and I do use their products each and everyday. I could not live with out my Darcy's Botanicals Plum Kernel Nectar, I literally use it every single day. One thing that is easy to forget is the products I used when I was relaxed lasted for years because they were full of artificial ingredients, additives and preservatives. When you use products with all natural ingredients it's like buying fresh produce at the grocery store it will only last so long. Some natural hair companies post expiration dates on their products others tell you that it will last a certain number of months after the seal is broken.With all that being said the problem in this case is me.  That's right I have to look at the Natural in the Mirror. I have so many products that I open something and then I try something else and then something else and meanwhile because I only use all natural products that are free of the additives and preservatives they can start to go south.  So in addition to a "No Buy" I am making a new rule: If I open something and I like it I have to use it all before I open a new product in that same category no matter how bad I want try another product. SMH I still can not believe I let this happen because I really did like the product. As a matter of fact I have never tried a single Darcy's Botanicals product that I did not love. So let this be a lesson to you if you like it use it and don't open too many at the same time. Lesson learned now time to use up some products. Oh and I almost forgot.. School is out Yiippee. (I'm a High School Assistant Principal) so I will be doing alot more experimenting with my hair and products so be on the lookout for reviews and even some new hair styles.

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