Monday, June 25, 2012

Vacation Wash and Go with Aloe Vera Gel

Watch "Wash and Go using 100% Slow Vera Gel" on YouTube

So I am currently on Vacation in Walt Disney World, woooo hoooo party time. I am doing lots of swimming and with a tropical storm brewing getting soaked in the rain. I wanted to take this opportunity to try new products on my hair and do some experimenting. Enter the Aloe Vera Gel. I bought this gel about a year ago and just never used it. If you watch the video you will see me apply the gel from beginning to end and in the process you will also get to see how I do all my wash and gos. So watch and enjoy. The pic I posted here is the finished product about 6 hours later. Oh please comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel.
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Minnie's Rocking Mohawk

Last night my daughter Minnie was feeling a little down so I decided to give her a funky hair style to make her feel a lil better. For this hair style all I did was part off a section for bangs and then I parted her hair straight down the middle. I 2 strand twisted the bangs forward, then I flat twisted the sides toward each other to the center. Today I untwisted the single twists for the bangs and the loose ends of the two strand twists and bam.... Funky mohawk style fit for a tween. This totally worked to make her feel better.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Braid out FAIL!!!!!!

So you all know I love to do WnG styles bc they almost always come out looking great. I am perplexed by the fact that unlike other naturals twist outs look awful on my hair. I always end up with a frizzy fuzzy mess. My friend Haley has been trying to get to not give up on twist outs. So I decided to try a braid out on my hair. Yeah you see the picture... Again I have a frizzy fuzzy mess. I don't know why these styles don't work on my hair but I have accepted that they don't and I am waving my white flag of surrender. I am going to be sticking to my trusty dusty WnG styles.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

June Birchbox Reveal

What was on the box
- Borghese botanical eye compresses
- Jouer luminizing moisture tint
- Scalisi Skincare anti-aging moisturizer broad spectrum SPF 30
- The Balm Cosmetics stainiac in beauty queen
- Band-Aid Cynthia Rowley dress up Band-Aids
- Birchbox Man John Varvatos

Out of my three beauty box subscriptions I get every month Birchbox is by far my favorite. Not only are there lots of samples in each box but they are expensive products that I would never purchase with my own money. For example the Scalisi Skincare moisturizer at full size is $110!!! And all I pay is $10 per month to try these high quality products, you gotta love that. If you would like to subscribe goto

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Curlkit Reveal

June Curlkit theme Creme of the Crop

What was in my Curlkit
- Twisted Sister De Frizz Conditioner ( full size)
- Ampro Pro Styl Vitamin E Oil ( full size)
- Ampro Pro Styl Honey Beez styling bees wax ( fill size)
- Hair Rules Hydrating Finishing Cream (2 packets)
- Nice & Curly Winding Down Control Gel ( packet)
- Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking Gel (2 packets)
- Miss Jessie's Curly Butter Creme(packet)
- Miss Jessie's curly pudding (packet)
- Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue (packet)

As you can see the Curlkit is full of all kinds of goodies this month. I'm really excited to try my new goodies. Stay tuned for product reviews. Oh yeah I'm trying some new products today so I'll do some product review posts later in the week. If you would be interested in signing up for Curlkit log on to it is $20 per month but if you use coupon code VIC you can get 10% off your first shipment and you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Monday, June 11, 2012

CurlBox June Reveal

Items in my CurlBox
- BB Tropical Roots Twist Cream (full size)
- Dr. Miracle Curl Care Frizz Control Serum (4oz full size I think)
- Nutress Hair wrap guard foam wrap lotion (1.7oz deluxe sample)
- Bug Off mosquito repellent bracelet (full size)
- ORS Herbal Cleanse dry shampoo packet
- Sofnfree Milk, Protein & Olive Oil Really deep conditioning treatment packet.
- Free Your Mane hydrating shampoo packet
- Free Your Mane Conditioner packet
- Free Your Mane Restorative Hair Oil packet
- Coupon Codes

As you can see I got my June CurlBox in the mail today. Yayyyy. It always feels like my birthday or Christmas when I get my Curlbox in the mail. I just love being surprised and seeing what I got. I can't wait to play with all my new products. Be on the lookout for product reviews!! If you would like to get your own Curlbox subscription go to subscriptions are $20 per month.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Shade Of Brown June Reveal

Items in the June Pillow Box- Amazing Botanicals black soap shampoo- Nourishea mango conditioner- Komplexx Blends lipstick in nude- Pooka Pure and Simple hair butter- Mini Compact with a flower designHmmm where do I begin. Two of the four items are the same as last month. The lipstick is just a cut off chunk of lipstick in a tiny tub. Umm what am I supposed to do with that? I will say I love the compact. It is very cute and I know I will use it. All in all I have been a subscriber to for two months and while it is only $10 per month I don't think I am going to continue my subscription. Stay tuned for to see what I get in my other 4 subscription services this month.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Second Day Hair W/ KBB Hold It Gel

KK'S second Day hair

Last night we both slept with silk bonnets. This morning we both had very hard stiff hair but our curls looked amazing. So in the shower we both got our hair wet by quickly putting our heads under the stream of water and then shaking the curls. Once out of the shower I just applied my Darcy's Botanicals Plum Kernel Nectar and off we went to Sams. LOL After our hair dried its still pretty crunchy but not as much as yesterday. I know I can get at least 2-3 more days out of this style. So after two days I can say I do like the gel, I just need to find a way for it not to be as hard and stiff.
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Friday, June 8, 2012

KBB Hold It Gel

Gel is very thick and stiff

On my hair

On KK's hair

Today I went back to my beloved WnG style. I decided this would be a great time to try my Karen's Body Beautiful Hold It Gel that I purchased at the WNHS in Altanta back on April. As you can see from the picture the gel is very thick. It reminds me of Let's Jam gel. I got the Coco Lime fragrance so the smell is Yummy. I also decided to try this product on both my hair and KK'S hair. We started with freshly washed hair then added KC Knot Today as our leave in, followed by a couple of sprays of Darcy's Botanicals Plum Kernel Nectar. Lastly we raked the KBB Hold It Gel through our hair. The gel does not have much slip but it was not hard to apply. Right after I was finished applying the gel I was very pleased with the curl definition. Then my hair started dripping. Yes dripping on my face, shoulders and back. I have only had this happen with one other product and that's the Shea Moisture Curl Souffle. But again the curl definition was great so I just used a towel and kept it moving. I went to lunch about 40 minutes from where I live. So I drove with my windows down allowing my 80mph speed to dry me and my daughters hair. Once we arrived at our location I checked the mirror and my hair looked amazing, of course i touched my hair and was shocked to feel a helmet. My hair has more crunch than a bag of kettle chips. I also had flaky white stuff on my neck, face and back. I used a wet cloth to clean that up and I was good to go. My hair is still very hard and I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that yet. I will post pics tomorrow of our second day hair. I still like the gel because my hair does look good, but I think I will try it with a heavier leave in next time.
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

And The Twists Come Down

I really tried to keep my twists in, I promise. My intention was to keep them in for a week and then wear a twist out for a few days. I lasted a day and a half. I just think I'm not a twist girl. I love love love wearing my hair in a WnG. And i guess if it ain't broke don't fix it. So this was the third or fourth time i have tried twists on my hair. As I said in my other post I dont think I look good with my hair twisted and they kept itching. Then when i took them out I was left with a frizzy fuzzy mess. See pics below. I prefer the curly spirals I get from a WnG. So expect to see many more posts of me reviewing products for WnG's. Tomorrow I'm going to try the new Karen's Body Beautiful gel. I will post pics in my post tomorrow. And you may see me in twists one more time my friend Haley thinks she can change my mind about twists. We shall see.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

KK's Updo

KK, age 9, with an updo on a week old twistout

Side View
Side view with the flower
Back View

A view from the top

You guys have met my youngest daughter KK in other posts so no introductions are needed.  The pictures above are of a quick and easy updo  we created using three hair accessories. A banana clip (I purchased them in a 3 pack from Sally's for $1.99), a Goody brand rounded hair clip and a flower. This style is also a good way to get more wear out of a twist out. KK wore her twists done with Komaza Care Califia Moisturizing Cream for 2 weeks.  Then I took her twists down (twist out) and she wore her hair free with just a headband for a week.  Because I really don't want to do her hair until this weekend I decided to create a cute updo for her to get more days out of her twist out. First I sectioned off the area in the front to create the hump or Pompadour, then I used a little Curls brand milkshake (a light moisturizer) to brush up the sides and back all into one hand, then I put the banana clip horizontally around the hair that I brushed into my hand.   I fluffed the hair so you could not see the clip and turned my attention to the section in the front.  To create the hump I just brushed the hair straight up and twisted the hair and then pulled it down and secured it with the Goddys hair clip.  For a final feminine touch we added a flower to the side of the hump and that was it.  From start to finish the style took 3-4 minutes to complete.  This one of my favorite styles because you can dress it up and it looks like a complicated style and it only takes a few minutes to complete.  KK absolutely loves this style.  Look for more styles coming soon, as in tomorrow. lol I am taking my own twists down tomorrow and I will post pics of how I style them. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

WnG Girl Tries 2 Strand Twists

You can tell by the look on my face I'm not really feeling the twists

I sectioned my hair into 6 sections and started twisting from the back
Side view of pinned back twists

Showing the shrinkage 

The summer has come and with it my opportunity to try new hair styles.  As promised I am bringing it all to you as it happens.  I decided my first adventure beyond my regular and now perfected wash and go (WnG) style would be the ever popular 2 strand twist.  Now in the 10 months since my big chop I have tried this style 2 other times.  Both times I was disappointed.  The first time was back in November and my hair just seemed too short and when I took the twists out my hair was very frizzy. I did not like it at all. Fast forward to February and I tried them again with much of the same frizz. Now that my hair is much longer I wanted to try again.  I started by co-washing my hair then adding Curls Cream Brulee as my leave-in conditioner, CoCo Curls as my styler and I sealed my ends with Pura Body Naturals Cupuacu Butter. I will say the process with alot faster than the other times I tried. It took me and hour and a half from beginning to end.  When I finally finished I can say it was strange to see myself in the mirror and see my hair in twists because I am so used to my WnG big fluffy curls.  I don't hate the way it looks but it is very different than what I am used to.  My hair feels really good, it is soft and the twists feel very smooth. It is fun to pull on them and see the length of my hair.  I have no idea how it will look in a twist out. I hope it will not be the frizzy mess that I had when I tried the twists before. We will see. I really don't have alot going on this week so I think I will leave the twists in for about 4 days and then I will try a twist out style. I will post pics and info on how I style my hair.  And be on the look out for lots of other hair adventures while I am off on vacation from work.