Friday, May 25, 2012

No Buy Challenge!!!!

All my Hair Products back in the fall
(I have soooo much more now)

WNHS Product Haul

As you can see from the pictures I have a problem.  I did not set out to own every natural hair product ever made, but..... well I think I do. Much like most additions it did not happen over night.  While I transitioned I gathered products very slowly, then I started attending natural hair events and started winning giveaways and learning of various natural hair companies and wanting to try new things as I experimented with my new all natural texture.  Fast forward a few months and I now have enough hair products to do everyone's hair in Louisville, Ky for at least a year. Ok that might be an exaggeration, but you get the point.  I know my weaknesses are cute packaging, a great smell and a good sale or free item with purchase. If a product falls into these categories I will buy it every time no matter how many products are currently in my stash. I am not the only natural out there with this problem it seems many of us turn into product junkies once become fully natural.  It really is hard not to.  Enter the Naturally Nu No Buy Challenge, in an effort to shrink my current stockpile of products I have decided to embark upon a self imposed no buy. This mean I promise I will not buy any hair products from now until the Black Friday sales the day after Thanksgiving.  Yes that is a LONG Time. But I know I can do it. I have also challenged some of my friends to this No Buy Challenge as well.  My friend and hair twin Haley of has taken me up on my challenge. Trust me she has even more products than I do. Then there are those like my other bestie, Tanya10312000 on You Tube who refuse to participate but love to tease us about our no buy.  While I know it will be difficult for all of us to pass up great deals and new and interesting products I think it will be great to find creative ways to use the products we do have once our favorites start to run out.  I will be updating my blog with info on the challenge, but you can also follow what is going on with everyone ion the challenge or even join us yourself by adding yourself to my Facebook challenge page: Naturally Nu's No Buy Challenge. See you there

The current subscription services that I am already signed up for will continue. This does not count as me buying new products. We can also trade products with each other. There has been some of that going on already on the Facebook page.  Sharing is great!!!!!


  1. OMG, A fellow P.J. I'm also trying to cut back, no new products until a current one is finished. My future plan is to use just 1 shampoo brand, a conditioner bar, leave-in and an oil blend and nothing else! Yikes ;-)

    1. wow that is ambitious. I would just like to be able to fit all my products in my bathroom. lol