Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review: Shea Moisture Lemongrass & Ginger Dead Sea Soak

I purchased at the World Natural Hair Show 3 for $20
Regular Price $9.99 may be at select Targets and Walgreens (not on either website)

I love taking long relaxing baths after a hard workout, so when I saw this at the WNHS I thought hey this would be perfect because it says it helps to relieve sore muscles. It also claims to soften the water and skin so bonuses all around.  Yesterday my personal trainer decided to punish me extra hard for eating "bad food" while I was in Atlanta for the hair show so when I got home I could barely walk. And then it hit me, it would be a perfect time to try my new bath salt.  I drug myself up the stairs lit my candle in the bathroom and started to run the water.  When I opened the bath salt I knew we had a winner based on the smell alone.  It smells of lemons and oranges and other citrus smells but with a spa type of citrus not like a lemonade or cut lemon smell. It smelled so good both of my daughters came into the bathroom wondering what was smelling so good and then asked if they could use it too. I was tempted to say "No, You got to get your own my brother" but I agreed to let them use a little. Needless to say it was a very pleasurable bath experience. I soaked for about 30-40 minutes and let the wonderful fragrance transport me to a place where personal trainers had out cupcakes that make you skinny instead of grueling workouts :).  When all was said and done I felt very relaxed and much less sore than before my bath.  I slept like a rock and this morning I don't feel sore at all.  I have used the Shea Moisture hair products many times and liked them but this was my first time  using anything from their bath line and I am officially hooked.  I will be repurchasing this item and trying the other bath products. 

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