Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 World Natural Hair Show

The 2012 World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta, GA was held this past weekend. To say I had the time of my life would be an understatement. This was my second time attending the WNHS and I must say this year was far better than last year. Last year I was pretty new to natural hair and still transitioning so I was trying to learn what products to use and how to "do" my hair.   However this year I had a whole new agenda.  I wanted to meet the people behind the brands that I have discovered over the past year and get great deals on products.  I  also wanted to meet many bloggers and vloggers that I follow. I did all that and then some, I even saw a famous actress in the mix.  The show was a huge success and my natural hair product stockpile has grown by leaps and bounds.

My WNHS Haul ; D
All the things I purchased except the 3 Shea Moisture products I gave my mom and the Jane Carter products that are on their way. 

As you can see from the picture I was able to gets tons and tons of hair products. Before arriving at the show I knew I wanted to get products from BASK, CURLS, Karen's Body Beautiful, Oyin Handmade and some raw shea butter.  Once I arrive I was lured in by the loud music, flashy lights and the aroma of great smelling products that just kept jumping into my bags : D.  And let's not get started on the the prices!!! Everything and yes I do mean EVERYTHING was offered at huge discounted show prices.  For example: CURLS had their 4 step CURLS Cocktails which are usually priced between $67-$79 show priced at $20!!! and yes they did sell out of these by the end of day 1.  There were other deals such as Shea Moisture products reg price $10 each were show priced 3 products for $20.  And lots and lots of free samples!!! All of the products in the front were all free products that were handed out. Beautiful Textures even gave away a swag bag with 2 FULL SIZED products if you "liked" their Facebook page. One of my favorites of the WNHS has to be Jane Carter.  Many of the Jane Carter products sold out due to the huge discounts but instead of saying oh well tough luck Ms. Jane Cater actually let you order at the show prices and is shipping the products to the customers for FREE!! Now that is customer service right there.  I was also able to talk to her personally and she is a very down to earth sweet lady. Great Job Jane.  The WNHS is definitely a great place to  learn about the new products coming out and to stock up on many of your staples. Look for reviews on these products coming soon. 
Me with one of my favorite vloggers makeupandbeautyjunkie on YouTube

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