Friday, March 2, 2012

My Favorite Rinse Out Conditioner

Curls Coconut Sublime Conditioner

Can be purchased at also available at other online retailers or locally in Louisville KY at Go Natural Boutique (

8oz $16 or 32oz $30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you see I buy the 32oz

I can not say enough good stuff about this conditioner.  This was one of the very first all natural conditioners I tried when I was transitioning to natural about a year ago. As you know I like variety with the products I use. As a matter of fact at any given time there are at least 4 conditioners in my shower, but this is always one of the 4.  This is hands down my favorite go to conditioner that gives me consistent results and at $30 for 32oz it will continue to be a staple for me.   Ok so let's get into why I love it so much aside for the huge value.  The smell is a sweet coconut custard smell that is not overpowering at all.  The slip is what really sells it. The slip of this conditioner makes de-tangling a breeze.  When I was transitioning de-tangling was much more difficult because I still had below the shoulder hair and it was difficult to de-tangle the hair where the natural texture met the relaxed hair. This line of demarcation is also very fragile so I needed something that would help make the process go smoother and this conditioner fit the bill. Now that I have been 100% natural for 7 months today I still use this conditioner regularly because I can put it in my hair and use only my fingers to de-tangle in the shower and the process is very easy.  It also has all natural organic ingredients that leave my hair not only feeling very moisutized, soft and tangle free but smooth.  When I use this conditioner it's like getting a head start on controlling frizz for my styler of choice that day.  For all of these reason I will never be without this conditioner.

You can also buy Curls products from Target, select Rite-Aid stores and now Sally Beauty Supply !!!!!
I will tell you these Curls products are very good but they are a little different that those available on the Curls website. Curls markets these as being more affordable versions of their salon line. I have used most products from both lines and both are great. So go out and try them for yourself and see what you think. 


  1. Do you use this as a leave in conditioner as well or do you rinse it out?

    1. I have only used it as a rinse out. But I'm sure u could use it as a leave in.