Thursday, March 15, 2012

Curls Goddess Glaze WnG

So you all know that I love Curls Brand shampoo and conditioner. So I wanted to review some of the styling products for you as well. As much as I love trying new products and giving you all the information my hair said " ummm I don't think so". Not because it does not like these products but because I have experimented with so many different products in the last few weeks. Enter my youngest daughter KK. I usually keep her hair in two strand twists because they last 2 weeks in her hair and she really likes how they look. She does ask me to do WnG's sometimes and since it's been really warm I decided I could let her wear her hair "out" and give you guys a review too. Winning!!! ;D Previous to this I had tried WnG's using KCCC and they looked great on her. So this time I went total Curls Brand on her. Curls has two different lines. Their salon line is available with many online retailers and on their website They also have a retail line that has less expensive ingredients and can be purchased at select Target stores and all Sally's Beauty Supply stores.(Sally's is offering $1 off all Curls products for the month of March.) Most of the retail products range from $7-$10. The salon products range from $10-$20

How I did her hair
First I washed her hair with the Curls retail formula of the Curl Cream Cleanser. Next I conditioned her hair with the Curls salon formula Coconut Sublime Conditioner. Next I sprayed her hair with Curls retail formula of Lavish Curls Moisturizer. Lastly I used my fingers to rake quarter sized amounts of Curls salon formula of the Goddess Glaze. Her hair came out really defined and soft. I could not believe how soft her hair was. I kept playing in her hair because it felt so good. Below you will find pics of how the gel looked in my hand, this was the amount I raked through the sections. I sectioned her hair into 4 sections by the way. I actually forgot to take pictures of her hair until the third day!!!! So the pictures below are after three days. Each day she just spayed a little of the Lavish Curls on her hair and shook it a little and was on her way. I really liked the way her hair came out and that she was able to get multiple days out of the style and she is a wild sleeper too. She does wear a 100% silk scarf at night but it comes off most nights. So overall these products get an A+ for a great WnG.


  1. She betta work, curls poppin all over the place :)

    1. Thank u. I could not believe it still looked this good after 3 days. I still have not re down it it just put it in a ponytail and she is rocking curls still. It's been 6 days!!!! I'm gonna try the Miss Jessies curl cream I got at the product swap tomorrow. I'll take pics but we will see u tomorrow anyway