Monday, March 5, 2012

Curl Junkie Beauticurls Conditioner

Curl Junkie: Beauticurls Argan and Olive Oil Daily Hair Conditioner

Purchased from 12oz $19

This conditioner has become a fast favorite. I purchased this from curlmart along with 3 other Curl Junkie conditioners about three weeks ago (reviews for those coming soon).  Curl Junkie is another company that puts amazing fragrances in their products.  The smell is a very tropical exotic fruit smell like mango papaya or something.  I really like it a lot. the slip is amazing.  I would tell you that it made de-tangling my hair easy but I cant tell you that because after distributing the product through my hair I did not have any tangles. My hands just slid right through my hair, and I have super thick hair so that is saying something right there. The conditioner is a little expensive in comparison to some of my other favorites but I feel like it is well worth it.  I will definitely re-purchase this product.  I can not say a single negative thing about it. As a matter of fact because I liked it so much I purchased 3 more Curl Junkie products from those reviews will be coming very soon. 

Ampro Olive Oil Gel

Not sure where you can buy this or how much it retails for.  I got 5 free samples with my Curlmart order and this was one of the 5.  I really had zero expectations for this product.  I did not expect to like it. Now I do love getting stuff for free so I was very happy to see such a large sample included in my order.  I did use it to slick my hair back into a high puff and I also used it on my daughters hair when putting it into a ponytail and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be one of those gels that holds your hair down but makes it hard and stiff and makes flakes when you comb it out.  I was totally wrong.  the hold is very soft and it even felt like it helped to add moisture to my hair. Huh from a cheap gel? really? Yes and my hair was soft after I took the puff down. I could not believe it.  I really like this sample and I did not think I would at all.  Thank you Curlmart for the great sample. 

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