Friday, January 27, 2012

Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel Review

How to get it
8 oz Can be purchased at Whole foods for $7-$8
I purchase from for $4.20 ( I buy like 8-10 bottles at a time with a few oils to get free shipping)

If Kinky Curly Curling Custard is my first love, then Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel is my O.P.P ( as in the song from Naughty By Nature).  When I am stepping out on my main squeeze it is almost always with this gel. It has the consistency of a normal slimy gel and smells like grapefruit (light scent that will not interfere with perfume) The look I get is almost identical to KCCC. So why do I like this so much?  Aside from the fact that my curls look amazing it plays well with others. I have used this gel with countless leave-in conditioners and it has worked with each and everyone of them.  As I have stated before I love variety and I enjoy experimenting with different products and this gel allows me to do that.  KCCC only works with other KC line products.  But this gel does not mind sharing the spotlight with other brands so for that reason I will always keep this in my go to product stash.. The only con to this product is I can't get 3+ day hair. Its great for 1 or 2 day hair and then you start over. I do follow the same exact steps with this as I do when I do my wash and go style with KCCC. I co-wash, leave-in condition, shake vigorously, apply gel in 6 sections and shake vigorously and I'm  done. Because the price tag is very low it definitely worth giving it a try. And that is what's Nu today.

Hair styled with Kiss my face Upper Management Gel and pulled back on the sides with a headband ( my hair is so thick you cant even see the headband ;D


  1. I have fallen in love with this gel. I just wish I could get it cheaper in the UK! :(

    1. try and I think they ship internationally. I'm glad you like it.

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