Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review: Donna Marie Curl Cream

Donna Marie Curl Cream

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This was given to me by my friend and hair twin Haley of <~~~~~~ best blogger ever!!

So yes I am currently experimenting with lots of products, not sure my hair is enjoying the process as much as I am right now. Ok so let's get into it. One thing I can say about all Donna Marie products is they smell amazing!!!!!!!!!!! The curling cream smells like vanilla butter cream frosting. yummy yummy yummy. For that reason alone I wanted to love this product. Before I start with my likes and dislikes about this product I would like to put this disclaimer out there: I knew going into this that my hair prefers gels and not creams. On the Donna Marie website it says that you can use this product for wash and gos (my daily style, yes even in the winter) and that there is no need to use a leave-in due to the amount of butters in the product. Again this was given to me to review so I said sure. After co-washing my hair this morning I did my usual sectioning into 6 sections and applied this product and shaking my hair as I went along. This product is very strange in that it appears very moisturizing and like it would glide thorough my hair with ease.. hmmm O-o not the case. Getting it into my hair was not difficult but it does not have good slip so that made running it through my very thick hair a little challenging. When all was said and done I was left with almost no curl definition and lots of frizz. My product free freshly washed hair had tons of curl definition so this actually took that away and left me with just frizzy hair. So I did what I always do when my hair looks questionable.... I pulled it back in a puff. I will say that once it started to dry I think it looked better than when I first applied it. But there is no way I would pay money for this product. Now it might work better for a twist out or a braid out but it is a fail for a WnG on my hair. Stay tuned for many more product reviews to come soon. and that's what Nu today

My hair right after application

My hair about 2 hours after application


  1. lolz thanks for the s/o boo. yeah this curl cream is just a no-go.

    1. No problem hair twin. I sure wish this product worked bc it smells so good