Monday, July 2, 2012

Lessons From Vacation Hair

Hey everyone!! So I am officially home from Disney World. I had a great time and I learned alot about my hair while on Vacation. So if you have not heard I started making videos on YouTube so many of the lessons I learned are on video. You can check out my videos under my YouTube account- Nurekad. Anyway back to the lessons, first swimming is hard on natural hair and so is swimmers shampoo. My hair was left feeling very dry. So I suggest taking a great deep conditioner with you to take care of the dryness. I also had a great time trying new products on my hair and my daughters hair. Out of all the products we tried I think the real surprise was the Curl Care line from Dr. Miracle. We did not like the smell but the results were great!!! You can check out all of my reviews on YouTube. I also just posted a length Check video because today is my official 11 month anniversary. Yayyyy

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