Thursday, July 19, 2012

Product Review: Wonder Curl

Wonder Curl Get Set Hair Jelly
8oz - $15  16oz - $25

Wonder Curl Polishing Pomade
2oz - $5
All Wonder Curl Products can be purchased at

I received these two samples of the Wonder Curl Get set Hair Jelly and the Wonder Curl Polishing Pomade in the mail to try. I have to tell you I was sooooooo super excited.  I had been stalking the Wonder Curl products for some time wanting to try them. I was a little hesitant to buy them because I did not know anyone that had used them.  So I jumped at the chance to try these products in my hair.  So this morning after I rinsed out my deep conditioner I applied my usual leave-in and then oil just on the tips of my hair to seal it.  Once I did that I scrunched the Wonder Curl Get Set Jelly in to my hair.  It has the consistency very similar to Kinky Curly.  The smell is a light floral scent reminiscent of a honeysuckle.  And while I don't really like floral scents it is very light and goes away pretty quickly.  The slip is pretty good and I had no trouble working the product through my hair.  I only had to use half of the 2oz container for my entire head so that is definitely a bonus because I have very thick hair. After I finished applying the product I did "the shake" to help my curls clump together. I have to tell you the Wonder Curl Get Set Jelly is pretty awesome.  I really like it, my curls were left super springy and defined, well moisturized and not hard and crispy.  So it gets an A in my book. (see pics below) 

On to the Wonder Curl Polishing Pomade. The Polishing Pomade has a sweet fruity smell that I love!!!! It has the consistency of a combination of a pudding ans a light hair grease. I used this product on both me and KK's hair today.  I smoothed on a small amount on the side of my hair and brushed it up into a clip and added a flower accent.  For KK's hair I misted her week old twist-out with water and then added the Polishing Pomade and brushed her hair up into two puffs.  I was amazed at how her hair smoothed down.  It looked like I had tied her hair down with a scarf.  I will definitely purchase this product.  It also had great slip so it made it very easy for the brush to get through her hair.  This product gets an A+++++. (see pics below)

My Curls are popping!!!!

KK's Puffs

So Sleek!!!!!!

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  1. I agree! I witnessed a live demo of this product at the Philly Natural Hair Show and was amazed at how well the product works...especially on different hair types. This product was sold out before I could purchase my own supply. I look forward to trying this product on my 4C hair!!