Friday, July 6, 2012

July Curlkit reveal

It's that time again y'all. I got my Curlkit, I got my Curlkit. I absolutely love when my Curlkit comes, it really is like getting a special gift in the mail. Plus it brings lots of hair and sometimes body products for me to try I just love it. If you are interested in signing up it is only $20 per month, just go to ok so let's get into what I got...

What was in my Curlkit
- UR Curly Soya Shampoo- full size
- Feng Shui Organics- liquid diamonds moisturizing surface shine- deluxe sample
- November Naturals- coconut lime verbena Shea whip- deluxe sample
- COCO Curls- coco curl moisturizing cream- deluxe sample
- Hydrothermal Naturals- amino plus protein deep conditioner- deluxe sample
- DPL- curl revitalizer- deluxe sample
- Ampro- olive oil gel- 2 deluxe samples!!!!!!!
- Nice & Curly- Smooth it straight- 2 samples

If u would like to see me open my Curlkit live and talk about the kit check out my YouTube video @ nurekad on YouTube

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