Wednesday, June 6, 2012

KK's Updo

KK, age 9, with an updo on a week old twistout

Side View
Side view with the flower
Back View

A view from the top

You guys have met my youngest daughter KK in other posts so no introductions are needed.  The pictures above are of a quick and easy updo  we created using three hair accessories. A banana clip (I purchased them in a 3 pack from Sally's for $1.99), a Goody brand rounded hair clip and a flower. This style is also a good way to get more wear out of a twist out. KK wore her twists done with Komaza Care Califia Moisturizing Cream for 2 weeks.  Then I took her twists down (twist out) and she wore her hair free with just a headband for a week.  Because I really don't want to do her hair until this weekend I decided to create a cute updo for her to get more days out of her twist out. First I sectioned off the area in the front to create the hump or Pompadour, then I used a little Curls brand milkshake (a light moisturizer) to brush up the sides and back all into one hand, then I put the banana clip horizontally around the hair that I brushed into my hand.   I fluffed the hair so you could not see the clip and turned my attention to the section in the front.  To create the hump I just brushed the hair straight up and twisted the hair and then pulled it down and secured it with the Goddys hair clip.  For a final feminine touch we added a flower to the side of the hump and that was it.  From start to finish the style took 3-4 minutes to complete.  This one of my favorite styles because you can dress it up and it looks like a complicated style and it only takes a few minutes to complete.  KK absolutely loves this style.  Look for more styles coming soon, as in tomorrow. lol I am taking my own twists down tomorrow and I will post pics of how I style them. 

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